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Breakfast Menu

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The Waterfront Restaurant


Breakfast Menu



Thick Cut Raisin Toast                                                                        $3.50


Warm Toasted Croissant         Jam & Butter                                       $6.00

                                                Ham & Cheese                                   $8.50

                                                French Style                                       $8.50


Porridge – Thick creamy Oats with:  

Drizzled Maple Syrup                         $8.50

                                                Mixed Berry Compote                        $10.50


Pancakes – A stack of 3 delicious Pancakes with:

                                                Mixed Berry Compote                        $11.50

                                                Bacon & Maple Syrup                        $10.50


French Toast – Crusty Bread dipped in creamy Eggs & Cinnamon

                         Grilled & served with Bacon & Maple Syrup              $11.50


Eggs on Toast – Two Eggs served Fried, Poached or Scrambled

                           atop Toasted Sourdough                                          $9.00

                                                With Bacon                                        $10.50


Eggs Benedict – soft Poached Eggs atop Toasted Sourdough with

                           Hollandaise Sauce, Cracked Black Pepper             

                                                Ham or Bacon                                   $14.00

                                                Salmon                                              $15.50


The Waterfront Breakfast Omelette – Fluffy Whole Egg Omelette

                         Filled with Smoked Ham, Cheese, Tomato & Onion

                         With a side of Toasted Sourdough                            $13.50


The Waterfront Big Breakfast – Bacon, Hash Brown, Grilled

                         Tomato, Chipolata Sausage, Roasted Mushrooms

                         And 2 Eggs atop Toasted Sourdough                       $15.50

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